Deposit for Wild Mystic Training

Deposit for Wild Mystic Training


Wild Mystic 200- 1000HR Advanced Facilitator Training
World Wisdom, Yoga, Wild Womanhood, Nature & Magick Studies
Up to 3 Years of Study

This deposit will be applied towards whichever tier of the program you sign a contract towards. Please review the course catalog and let us know where you would like to begin with your studies.

[Includes 200HR and 300HR Yoga Teacher Training which can be taken separately also.]
Completion of this track of education will certify the student in the following educational categories.
Students will complete the full 500HR Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teacher Training, Womben's Work Facilitation & Sacred Sexuality, Plant Medicine & Natural Remedies, Astrology, Philosophy, The Pagan Wheel, Ayurvedic Health & Lifestyle, Advanced Applied Anatomy, Entrepreneurial Coaching ETC.

Graduates of this program will be credentialed as follows:

-RYT200 [Registered Yoga Teacher 200HR] Yoga Alliance & Wild Essence Yoga School

-RYT500 [Registered Yoga Teacher 500HR] Yoga Alliance & Wild Essence Yoga School

-After the 2 years of study and practice you will also be eligible for the [E] Designation with Yoga Alliance which marks experienced teachers

-Wild Enchantress Women's Work Facilitator ; To hold circles, offer guidance and support for women in all walks of life

-Sacred Sexuality Facilitator ; To provide education surrounding women's sexual wellness and well being and hold space for trauma related.

-Plant Medicine Practitioner ; To offer sacred ceremony with plant teachers and educate surrounding their nourishing properties and spiritual significance

-Magick & Pagan Studies Practitioner ; To offer cyclic ritual and ceremony surrounding the wheel of the year, manifestation, and educate others in the field.

-Conscious Business Guide ; To offer services in the field of entrepreneurial guidance to women in spiritual business.

Any graduates of a 200HR or 300HR or Wild Enchantress may apply the amount of paid tuition to the total for this course.

Course will be fully accessible online with all physical hours offered throughout the next 3 years.

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