“Jessi is that teacher, 1,000 years old, wrapped in the shell of strength and power that only true dedication can provide. She speaks to the entire room, and yet to just you alone, always knowing exactly what you need to hear so that you too can have that strength and run boundless with it. Each time you walk out of her class, you are a new person, having dug up that part of you that you forgot existed. It’s profound and empowering and so needed on this earth. It’s good to be reminded that real life superheroes exist, and still want to make the world a better place. ”

kim ryt200 ‘17


I have so much more than gratitude for Jessi Mendez and WEYS. Above and beyond what she’s done to help shift my personal experience, the impact on the yoga community in my are is HUGE. There are no words for that.

Jessi has always been exactly what I needed, from my first class with her to my Teacher Trainings. Somehow it’s always like she’s speaking directly and only to me; when the whole room is receiving and feeling the same!

WEYS is an amazing community of women, with no judgments and tons of support, nourishment and love.

kayla ryt500 ‘18

I don’t think in my entire life I have been able to trust anybody with becoming completely stripped and vulnerable until I met Jessi Mendez. She makes you feel super powerful and worthy enough to expose yourself in such a Raw way that is so accepting, loved and held. She is a true definition of what wild love is all about and what we need to do for ourselves and for others. If you’re longing for that knowledge this girl has got it all. Always a teacher, always the student. That’s the kind of person I want to follow.

erica ryt200 ‘17

Jessi is one of the realest and most passionate beings I’ve ever encountered. She lives out her passion daily by encouraging and supporting others to live authentically. Though Yoga, Women circles and intensive trainings she empowers women and changes lives. She is a raw embodiment of the Divine feminine.. you can’t help but feel it within yourself when you’re in her presence.

heather ryt200 ‘18


Taking a training with Jessi will activate something inside of you that you didn’t even know was dormant. It will ignite a spark that spreads to other areas of your life without you realizing it, until there’s a full blown fire in your belly and you’re owning it like a boss, being unapologetically you. If you think it’s yoga you’re right. If you think its JUST yoga you’re wrong.

cory ryt200 ‘18