Jessi Mendez

Sacred Feminine Alchemist & Wild Woman

Jessi Mendez ERYT500 attunes to wise whispers of nature for the soul purpose of the embodiment, activation and reclamation of the Wild Feminine on the planet. Through intuitively intelligent movement medicine practices, powerful circle and ceremony, Jessi calls back what is instinctual - raw - and authentically present in the bones. It is her mission through all of her teachings, writings and programs to call home the WILD, the WISE, the HAG, the WITCH and the WOLF in every Womban brave enough to see her own reflection.



Brie Wollman

 Intuitive Movement & Creative Expression


Brie is a passionate dancer, trained in performance and traditional dance.  She has been connecting body and soul for her entire life, so of course it spilled over into Yoga.  Since becoming a Yoga teacher she has been painting tapestries of yogic art in her classes.  She will serve as a virtual support and as a special guest teacher for Wild Essence Yoga School Abroad. You can look out for E-Courses and support during CT trainings. She is available for questions as you embark on the training path regarding both emotional/spiritual evolution and logistics of the experience.


Nadine Livraghi

Movement Medicine Creatress


Nadine is an eternal student and seeker who has been practicing with internationally renowned instructors all over the world learning the various perspectives of every facet of the yoga practice. Her experienced practice has lead her to a movement medicine practice that reflects her LOVE and aids in the processing of limiting beliefs and thought patterns that we all face. During Abroad trainings Nadine will lead Asana workshops with particular emphasis on the physical and energetic activation of the heart space as well as exercises for self-awareness and observation. Virtually she will be available for CT training via E-Courses or a potential surprise visit.