Wild Mystic 1000HR Facilitator Training

Yoga, World Philosophy, Nature & Magic


What gives this training it’s soul ?

We are uncaged seekers. We are not owned by any one lineage of thought. With deep reverence and respect we seek to remember truth teachings from all over the world, and from our own instinctual nature. So yes, we teach traditional yogic philosophy, as well as other traditions and schools of thought; druidry, shamanism, paganism, animism, neuroscience, archetypal psychology and so much more. We demand the highest level of authenticity and personal accountability from our students. Leaning on the foundation of anything other than true personal experience is a false offering, so we aim to offer an environment where each student learns to access their own VOICE, PORTAL and KNOWING - beyond any one scripture, or tradition. We seek to offer tools to RECLAIM our BIRTHRIGHT to know that we are already WHOLE.

1000HR Facilitator Training

Wild Essence Yoga School LLC presents a revolutionary new development in Yoga Teacher Training, world philosophy studies, herbalism, magic, conscious business, women’s studies and more. This course ranges from a foundational 200HR Yoga Teacher Training to full soul alchemy, for the Woman ready to shift the planet on every vibration through her creative and inspirational force.

The voice of the WILD Woman has risen. Finally a training driven from this Voice, from this Body, from this Nature.

Of course, align with the seasons of nature.
Of course, celebrate, commune, and VIBE together as we grow and learn.
Of course, let cycles guide our work, see the world, and nourish sisterhood.

This module based curriculum allows sisters to carve one week at a time for celebration of the most energetically potent times of year. The program offers 9 intensive weeks per year internationally, whenever you can carve the time and space.

Our soul contract

Wild Essence Yoga School LLC ALWAYS maintains our promise that all tuition is life-long. Join us in physical intensive circle, whenever you need to recalibrate or rejoice with your sisterhood for solely the cost of lodging.

The entire course content releases ONLINE 10/31/2019 including lecture, assignments, quizzes and interactive worldwide virtual sisterhood. With contact hours, students are eligible for Yoga Alliance accreditation. The content of our courses up to 1000 hours of potent mystical teachings are eternally available ONLINE, and certification through Wild Essence Yoga School LLC is available FULLY online if chosen.

True Sisterhood. True Communion with Nature. Yoga Teacher Training Structured for WILD. Feminine. Immersion.

Absolutely take the courses a la carte at your pace if you choose we offer [200HR Yoga Teacher Training] [300HR Yoga Teacher Training] and a full beautiful course catalog. Send us an e-mail to receive the full program catalog and decide which track of education is best for you right now.. knowing you can always dive deeper.




/wīld/ Living or growing in the natural environment; not domesticated or cultivated.


/ˈmistik/ A person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.



The replenishing earth nourishes our sore places, reminding us of the magick of dark, rich soil & anchors us deeply to the teachings of our flesh and bone wild experience.



The alchemic fire allows us to burn through false conditioning, labels & fears to remember our natural state of wholeness, of gold.



The nectar of release, cleansing water that washes away the residue of our stories, our traumas & out attachments to them which hinder our fullness.


The playful air lightens our hearts, floods us with sweet breezes & alleviates our clinging to suffering by infusing joy in the subtlest of moments.


The knowing ether reclaims the wisdom of our eternal essence teaching us to see the soul of the world and the breathing universe in all beings and moments limitlessly.


The important element is the way in which all things are connected. Every thought and action sends shivers of energy into the world around us, which affects all creation. Perceiving the world as a web of connectedness helps us to overcome the feelings of separation that hold us back and cloud our vision. This connection with all life increases our sense of responsibility for every move, every attitude, allowing us to see clearly that each soul does indeed make a difference to the whole.

Emma Restall Orr, Druidry

Is this training Yoga Alliance Certified ?

Wild Essence Yoga School LLC is credentialed through Yoga Alliance as an RYS200, RYS300, RPYS and CEU provider. We are qualified and recognized to certify teachers that are then eligible to submit certificates of completion for the RYT200 RYT500 RPYT Designations of credential.

Our 1000HR program exceeds the educational standards of Yoga Alliance credentialing system with a more extensive curriculum and higher standards. Students who complete this curriculum will be eligible for RYT500 (E-Experienced) after 4 years and 2,000 hours of teaching through Yoga Alliance in addition to Wild Essence Yoga School’s 1000HR Certificate .

Our Yoga Alliance Listing

How do I get my contact hours ?

In order to be eligible for Yoga Alliance credentials the following physical contact hours must be completed with one of our Lead Trainers in any of the incredible offerings world wide.

180 Contact Hours to be eligible to apply for RYT200 [Registered 200Hr Yoga Teacher] +
270 Contact Hours to be eligible to apply for RYT500 [Registered 500HR Yoga Teacher]

The [E] is applied to your RYT200 designation after 2 years have passed and 1000 hours have been taught. An additional 2 years and 1000 hours must be met before [E] is applied to the RYT500 designation.

When will I be certified ?

Upon completion of the full online course content, submission of all assignments and passing of exam you are issued a certificate of completion from Wild Essence Yoga School. Upon completion of your necessary contact hours you are eligible to be registered with Yoga Alliance as an RYT.

Can I get a certificate from the solely online course ?

You will receive a certificate from Wild Essence Yoga School for the online only portion. This cannot be used to credential you with Yoga Alliance but you will be certified and you will have access to the full course content needed to offer your services to the public. We deeply encourage physical hours of dedicated self practice and study.

Do you offer payment plans ?


We offer the option to make installments on your invoice and receive your course when the full tuition is paid. Content will not be delivered sooner, and access to contact hours will not be available until paid in full.

What does the online course include ?

The full syllabus can be found here

We are constantly adding to and improving the content of which you will have lifetime access.

Which level of training is best for me ?

If you have not yet taken a 200HR Yoga Teacher Training, this is the foundational track of study that is recommended. However, many students dive in and commit to 3 years of study with our 1000Hr program simply taking the 200HR as the first step on that journey.

If you are new to the yoga or spiritual practice, we deeply encourage you to try some of our free online classes and watch some of our videos to truly feel if our vibe matches the call from your heart

What is expected of me aside from completing the course ?

We expect that you will read the required materials, and complete the assignment at your own pace. Your study is not timed, and is completed with the diligence and digestion you choose to be most serving for you. We expect that you will ethically commit to a personal practice with integrity before you are teaching the public. We expect that you will be forever learning and exploring as you grow and that you will always honor your needs.

Which weeks away should I attend ?

You may attend any of the physical contact hours offered by any of our teachers to count towards your hours. We have designed these contact hours in a way that each day is deeply balanced with personal practice, philosophy, ceremony, anatomy, practice teaching and tons of additional magic, and sisterhood. Keep track and log your hours of attendance and submit that log when you have completed your time to receive a certificate that will be accepted by Yoga Alliance.

What is the tuition for each course?

200HR Yoga Teacher Training $2799 (Eligible for RYT200)

300HR Yoga Teacher Training $3699 (Eligible for RYT500)

Wild Enchantress : Womben’s Work Facilitation $777

Carnal Nature : Sexual Rewilding $777
Medicine Womban : Magick School $777

Conscious Business Coaching $777

How do I sign up for contact hours and what do they cost?

Weeks with Jessi Mendez & Sisters: Registration for all contact hours with Jessi Mendez is subject to pre-screening to ensure sound container and group dynamics. Weeks with Jessi involve a maximum of 13 participants and often have a waitlist. To be eligible for the waitlist, students must clear screening. To be accepted as an attendee students must pay the lodging in full $725/Week.

Moving from wait list to attending requires full lodging payment. Lodging rates for weeks with Jessi Mendez vary by location and include shared accommodations and food. All transportation is separately organized by each individual student. WEYS provides airport codes 180 days prior and venue address 90 days prior to arrival.

Contact Hours from Lead Trainers : Brie Wollman ERYT500, Katie Young RYT500, Jen Fisher RYT500
All contact hours offered by the incredible facilitators listed above are subject to their own pricing schedule. In combination with the full online curriculum, contact hours will be earned ensuring that students are deeply prepared and anchored in their practices.

What certificates and credentials can I earn through Wild Essence Yoga School and what will I be able to do with them ?

Credentialing & Certification

1000HR WILD MYSTIC ADVANCED FACILITATOR: Yoga, World Philosophy, Nature & Magic

RYT200 [Registered Yoga Teacher 200HR] Yoga Alliance & Wild Essence Yoga School
RYT500 [Registered Yoga Teacher 500HR] Yoga Alliance & Wild Essence Yoga School
After the 2 years of study and practice you will also be eligible for the [E] Designation with Yoga Alliance which marks experienced teachers
Wild Enchantress Womben's Work Facilitator ; To hold circles, offer guidance and support for women in all walks of life
Sacred Sexuality Facilitator ; To provide education surrounding women's sexual wellness and well being and hold space for trauma related.
Plant Medicine Practitioner ; To offer sacred ceremony with plant teachers and educate surrounding their nourishing properties and spiritual significance
Medicine Womban Magic Studies Practitioner ; To offer cyclic ritual and ceremony surrounding the wheel of the year, energy practices, manifestation, and educate others in the field.

Conscious Business Guide ; To offer services in the field of entrepreneurial guidance to women in spiritual business.

What if I have more questions ?

E-Mail HOWL@wildessenceyoga.com

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Photos by Julie Seibert Photography

Photos by Julie Seibert Photography


I hope you will go out and let stories, that is life, happen to you, and that you will work with these stories... water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom.

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves